Vote for airports

Is there any way for us to vote for airports bc I have a few in mind

No. The airport editors are free to choose whichever airport they want to do.

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Why is that then

It would be a bonus for a vote

If there was a voting system, I can guarantee you everyone would only vote for the large/medium commercial airports, and barely any military or GA airports would get done.

The way it is done at the moment allows for a much greater variety of airports to be pushed out in each update.

As we get more and more editors on the team thanks to the now open application process, more and more airports will be released in each update.


But don’t they normally update commercial airports each update anyways, and if that was the case they should pick any military base of choice and also the highest voted airport

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You also have to remember that the editing team are volunteers, they are using their spare time to do this and editing takes a lot longer than you would think! Thus editors are allowed to choose the airports they believe they can handle and have time for.


That makes sense


I would like saint barts airport, any Jamaican airports, Tunisian airports eg

I can imagine that would be rather nice and the idea behind all of the 3D editing is for all airports around the world to become 3D at some point, but unfortunately we do not take requests.

All airport editors can create airports to be edited on a git hub page. Then they chose to do it themselves or wait for another editor to work on it.

This is partially how it worked around a year ago in the 2D system except airport issues were only created for an airport they were working on. It doesn’t work like this now.

It’s been said a few times, but I’ll reiterate. The team as a whole does not accept requests for airports, as we’re now a group of around 250+ people and everyone’s opinion may differ on requests. I wouldn’t recommend asking individual editors, however both friends (who are willing) and your own application to the team can help contribute the 3D of the airport you wish to see in the future.


The best way to see an airport you want 3D in IF is to apply to join the team yourself.