Vote for: Adding 3-D ATC Control Tower Structures to Class B Airports

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I have seen some posts and topics requesting a “full” 3D airport with hangers, terminals, and towers.

Yet, as I see the technical difficulty of such an implementation especially considering the fact that the global update is going to continue and drain resources until 2018.

However, ATC is being downgraded right now because of having no physical appearance in the simulator. We can see the planes in 3D, on the map, and we can hear them. But for ATC, we can only hear them and see their little stationary blue dot on the map_nothing physical!

I am suggesting to build the single 3D ATC Control Tower of major airports first and update the game much sooner.

It would be amazing to see such amazing Control Towers as of the one in KLAX, EHAM, Denver, and so on and so forth! It will also build more reputation for the ATC shifters and bring more attention to pilots in following their instractions by seeing theor physical presence in the game.

Pleas Vote above for this feature…




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Infinite flight is great already… I’m fine for now, we should just focus on the current updates… not really sure if this is supposed to be a feature request.

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I’m not 100% sure what this is exactly.

The reason 3d buildings don’t exist in IF is that of how hard it is to run on older, less powerful devices. You’re voting system doesn’t make sense, it is just a 1-20 poll, however, I don’t know what each number is or represents. You have plenty of substance but I don’t think adding the physical control tower is going to cause pilots to pay attention to ATC instructions anymore. If you want better ATC fly expert, it’s that simple.


Please give credit for the pictures…

@Kevin_Potthast I think he was trying for a feature requests of sorts, and you’re exactly right about that. A 3-D ATC Tower is something to be added in the far future, when 3-D buildings can be fully implemented without much device restrictions.

@Cole_Collins For a feature request, there’s definitely a few issues pertaining to feature request rules