Vote for 757 Special Livery | Infinite Flight (Which one is better if IF was going to add one)

Hey everyone. I really think since the 757 is such an iconic and revolutionary aircraft that we should take advantage of this update to really add some unique and special liveries. I have narrowed it down to these two liveries. The United California livery, and the Iceland Air Northern Lights livery. It would be greatly appreciated if you vote because the more voter the more popular it gets, and maybe if it gets really popular. Then @MishaCamp or @Laura and the devs will see and take into consideration of the winning livery. Personally, I think in the past when we added special liveries, they revolved around major airlines. I think for this update we should maybe diversify the selection and go with the Iceland Air special livery because I really is stunning the design and unique in its own way. Well this is my opinion but all of you IFC users can vote what you like. May the best aircraft livery win! good luck everyone!

Poll is located below these example pictures.

757 Special Livery Vote
  • United Cal. Livery
  • Iceland Air Northern Lights Livery

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                      **757 Background in Real Life and Infinite Flight**
(Click here to view) 757 Background Brief

The 757 is an iconic aircraft built and designed over 30 years ago. This aircraft has not been retired yet with most airlines and still thrives today. Infinite Flight added this aircraft ages ago and to this day sits un-reworked and not up to date.The decision that IF made to include a rework in physics and aircraft in this update is really amazing. The 757 older sister in a way is the 767. But it is unknown at the moment if IF might do a surprise second rework like the did in previous updates. Overall, the 757 is an AMAZING aircraft and has served for so many years and will serve for years to come. Join this vote today to have these special liveries maybe added to see in the skies of Infinite Flight.

Both liveries are awesome. I’d rather both be added than just one lol

Not really a request. These ones are though:


Oh didn’t know. I made this vote so I guess we should go with it bc I made it rly well and it took me like an hr to make lol.

I would suggest voting for those above, since this will be ultimately closed.

I would also suggest reading the category rules for your future topics, so your hard work dosent go down the drain

You can only have a features request including one request :)

Go and vote for the ones above listed by @Alexander_Nikitin.

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maybe put it here 😉