(Vote closed)Opinions please for challenge

I was thinking on doing a challenge for people but I can’t decide so I’m making a poll to decide

  • Who can get the fastest from speed from 30,000ft
  • Longest NM flight

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EDIT: next vote is the decider

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Aren’t both of these too easy to attempt? I could just skydive from FL300 or keep my device flying while doing other stuff.

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It depends because we need to know what aircraft.

The one most likely to be followed is ascent.

I can take a 752 pretty fast on it’s way up.

Let’s say Use a 747-400

A good challenge is to try and fly an F-22 at top speed without it wobbling 😂


At high altitude, sure.

Sea level? forget it.


What about an A-10

Happy birthday!!! (I think)

Anything is possible with an F-18.

yes thats right

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