VortexVolt's ATC Tracking Thread - [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Welcome to @VortexVolt’s ATC Tracking Thread!

I will be taking the ATC Practical Test soon and would like some help from the IFC!

Try to do transitions, pattern work, and regular departing traffic.

Please send me feedback. I really do appreciate it. PM me at @VortexVolt or message me on Discord VortexVolt

Trainer: @Kitick

Airport: KRSW (Southwest Florida International)

Time: 1:00Z-1:30Z (will extend if I have a good amount of pilots) 2023-10-17T01:00:00Z2023-10-17T01:30:00Z

Status: cancelled

Runway: 24

Tips: Try to do pattern work, transitions, and pushback conflicts.

Frequencies: Ground/Tower

Server: Training


Welcome, I will be open at NZAA (Auckland Airport)
Please participate!

Time: 2023-10-12T23:30:00Z2023-10-13T00:00:00Z
23:30Z to 00:00Z

Status: Opening Soon

Runway: 23L (may change)

Tips: Try to do pattern work, transitions, and pushback conflicts.

Pilots needed: I want at least 4 pilots.

Frequencies: Ground/Tower

Server: Training

Feedback Appreciated!

I will try to come, I also recommend getting a trainer assigned to you if you haven’t already

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I do have a trainer. @Kitick

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Awesome feel free to ping me for your sessions

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Thank you! I really appreciate it!!

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Feedback From Envoy 132VA:

  • I was cleared for a transition at 3500, but then you said disregard last message and I never received another clearance (Transition should have been 3,000).
  • You need to give a traffic direction after my clearance when inbound from another airport.
  • You should not have given me a pattern entry after my touch and go, entering downwind, or any pattern leg, is up to the pilot when to turn unless you give an extend upwind or extend base. The only times you need a pattern entry is for people coming in from a different airport, or runway changes.
  • Awesome job with the already cleared to land with G-TOMM! I’m surprised you know to do that!
  • I shouldn’t have gotten a base entry for the same reason as bullet number 3. Also, giving me base forces me to turn base where I might not be ready yet.
  • I did not receive an exit runway command, try to send them at around 80 knots

Thanks @VortexVolt ! By the way, best thing do to is just ignore the trolls, don’t even respond to them.

Thank you for the feedback I will remember this feedback for my upcoming sessions!

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Yes! The transition I was attempting to change but it didn’t give me an option to change the transition. I realized my pattern altitude was 1500FT

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@BenjiTheBull Session at 18:00Z

Hey everyone! Would love for people to join!

CANCELLED. Do not join

Ping me when you open next time I’ll try to be there

Okay thanks

@BenjiTheBull @Henrik003

Session at 1:00Z at KRSW

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Cancelled no signups

Taking the Practical once again today.

It’s at 2Z if anyone would like to attend.

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Good luck 🍀

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Thank you!

Getting ready for my practical tonight at 2Z

Airport: EDDL

What I’m trying to master: upwind conflicts

@leftcoastwood @BenjiTheBull @Henrik003 @J-F_V @Jake_Judge @Playboii_Dray

Please attempt to join

I’ll be open from now 22:30Z