Vortex’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ LFBO


Welcome to my ATC tracking thread, if you want to be added to the ping list just comment on the thread and say that you would like to be added to the list.

My Aim

I have applied to IFATC and I already have the required amount of ops completed so with this thread my main aim is to improve my ATC skills to an acceptable level.


Airport: LFBO
Time: 0830Z
Wind: 290 @8 kts
Runways in use: 32L/32R
Server: Training

Ping List


Please leave your feedback in a comment below, it will be greatly appreciated, thank you.


Hello everyone, I am open at LFBO on the training server again so if anyone could come by and test my skills it would be great, thanks

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Hello Luke! I will come at a later date. Currently flying in Training myself. See you soon!

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Feedback YU-MMY

T/G from LFBR

07:58:21 The transition above 3500’ was okay for LFBO. Just keep in your mind the formula to calculate the correct transition. Airport Altitude + Pattern Altitude for Propeller aircraft (light aircraft/General Aviation) + Altitude pattern for jet engine aircraft.
08:01:11 Pattern Entry was correct and don’t forget about sequence when needed
08:02:29 Clearance wasn’t 100% correct cause you should’ve given me clearance with traffic direction make left or right traffic.

1st pattern from LFBO

You should’ve given me a clearance a bit earlier than before, I’d prefer if you have given me a clearance at least at the Downwind leg.

2nd pattern from LFBO

08:20:07 Nicely done on my runway change request. Pattern entry and sequence to follow EI-PMK was correct. Other tips if you’ve 2 traffic on the Upwind leg and one of the traffic requests for a runway change, you must provide an Upwind extend for the traffic requesting the runway change.
08:22:35 the same issue as on my first inbound, Clearance wasn’t 100% correct cause you should’ve given me clearance with traffic direction make left traffic. Why? Cause now I’m at another runway and need another direction to follow other aircraft on 32L.

Exit runway command was nice.

That’s all from my side, thanks for having me, and have
a great day! Cheers!

Best regards,

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll keep it in mind for the next time

Feel free to tag me and I’ll attend if I’ve time for sure I’ll stop by.


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