Vortex’s 2020 Landing Competition!


Hello everyone and welcome to the 2020 Landing Competition!

This is not an Event

This competition will allow everyone to send their best landings of 2020, the worst year in a looooooonnng time. You will be ranked from 1st to Best of the Rest.

Here are the rules:

Your entry MUST be an IF-Operations report

Your landing V/S MUST be a minus number

Please do follow these rules, your entry will not count if one of these is breached. Only one entry per person please.

When entering, please @ yourself and then post your entry
Here is a sample entry:

@Vortex entry:

This is my actual entry😂

No Replay file required

Please check here for any updates, so on with the rankings. All types of aircraft are accepted.







Best of the Rest





This competition will close at 2020-12-31T23:59:00Z so please have all entry’s in by then.

Thank you and enjoy!


I will take part! I will do it over the weekend!


Is this an event?

Should this not be in events?

No this is not an event

Oh I get it now actually

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Might submit one but I can’t butter. Any particular aircraft?

Open to all aircraft

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Please read the rules carefully

I am gonna give this a try… -7fpm is hard to beat though… I think I have never gotten anything like this. My best was probably -20fpm

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So it’s just that document? I no replay?

Just a document. No replay needed

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Soooooooooo, any entries?

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Nothing close to yours, but I just landed in Skiathos (you are behind me) and got this -23fpm

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Ah yes I was right behind you. Wow that’s amazing for there

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Tbh I am not sure if IF operations gets gear tilt the right way, because it didn’t look like -23fpm in the replay 😂

Idk of this will put me in 3rd place 😂


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Sorry @anon2996007 but @Vortex😄

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That was on an Training Session lol

Wow… That’s also hard to beat to say the least 😅

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