Amazing job that you guys from IF Have done in the last years! So today I was flying a route from KJFK to KLAX and found out that there’re lots of VOR’s, VORTAC’s missing. The one that Brought my attention the most is the one for KLAX (LAX), I don’t know if it’s on your plan guys to add it, but it’d be extremely helpful for intercepting courses, fixes, holds, etc. TY guys.

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I believe this is a known issue with regards to VORs that are part of SIDs/STARs not showing up on the map normally.

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As BennyBoy stated, many VORs are hidden and not visible normally on the map. Here’s how you can get around that for now-

Hope this helps!

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It’s old technology altogether that’s going away in the real world. I believe something like 70% of them are planned for phasing out by 2025

Thank you so much for the advice, I’ll try to tune the identifier then. Thanks to everyone!

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