VORs not working

So there are a ton of VORs and waypoints That are either not searchable or don’t have the ability to be added. Let’s take RBV or RZC for example. I can search for it, hit the center of the Vor and it’ll just disappear. It won’t allow me to select or add it. At least some look like those little dot Vor which could be Why they aren’t loading… but even so it’s a problem that is widespread.

Moreover, some of the waypoints are not searchable. Let’s take ROBER. It’s near KISP on the way to JFK. It’s there, just not searchable,

If someone could teach me how to help fix, I’d be more than happy to help. For people that depend on flight plans, it’s hard.

Lastly, If there was a copy and paste feature that would be amazing. It takes me over an hour to put in a longhaul flight plan when things are working normally.

Some of the SIDs are not fully loaded. The Bradley4 (BDL) is one of them. Not a frequently used airport, but if it is happening there, it’s happening at the bigger airports too.

Hopefully we can work to get this fixed before the next major upgrade.

I’m running it on my iPhone XS. 20.1 with patch update.

Hmmm. That is indeed strange. I’ve tested this with Razerback VOR and its doing exactly what you explained. It’s a possibility that it takes some tweaks here and there to optimize and correct some of these VORs.

Thanks for the report and I’ll be sure to pass this along for testing in our next update.


iPad Pro 11"
iOS 13.5.1


Yeah same thing is happening to me

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