VOR question

What happened to the VORs ?i can’t find the individual ones on the map and click on it

Actually it’s only one I can’t find

They are still there in my Infinite Flight…

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This also happens to me. What I suggest doing is putting the VOR in your FPL like this: ICAO VOR ICAO
You basically choose any airport you want for ICAO. Please tell me if you understand or you need me to clarify.

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So basically you won’t have the radials on the map. Correct?

Yes exactly

That’s annoying 😤

These are special VOR from what I understand, add them to your FPL to be able to use them. They were hidden to lower the amount of symbols on the map

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In essence though, the radials shouldn’t be a long a difference. The “radio signals” should still be coming from the center of the VOR, which is still present in the sim

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I have this problem. Unable to add them to flight plan - unable to tune them in - cannot fly approaches that use some of the missing stations. For me MKK, BOI are both vors I needed but couldn’t use in the past week

You were doing it wrong then because I just did it

Yes I must be wrong. Looks great! Just gonna extrapolate: I shouldn’t have to add the station to my flight plan to be able to tune it in. I can live with it, but I would rather be able to locate, tap, and tune

This is the choice they made I just play with it. You can delete the FPL later on once you’re tuned in