VOR Navigation

Vor’s are devises that send out a signal in all the 360 degrees. The plane picks up 1 (selected by the ‘OBS knob’) of that 360 signals and uses it to fly in a certain direction. All modern commercial planes use Vor to navigate, but you can’t use them in infinite flight. Vor’s are all ready in the game, but only serve as a route leg. It would be necessary to have a OBS/course (737) knob and a possibility to tune the frequention of the Vor’s in IF. Maybe also a VOR/LOC, but it isn’t really that important.

Why is it necessary?
-It is widely used IRL.
-It makes the use of charts a possibility, witch:
-Adds realism to IF


Ahh, old school navigation!!


Yes, but it is still a very frequently used thing in the 737 family…

And other planes as wel.

Well, not the same way it used to be.

If you’re thinking about VOR to VOR navigation, that is a thing of the past, at least for commercial traffic. Where you had to follow outbound radials and track inbound radials, and turn when passing a certain radial.

However you can still use VOR’s as waypoints, but you won’t track radials with a 737… Lol!

Not to mention many VOR stations are getting shut down…


Wait, not IRL? I thought that the course knob was corresponding with the radials, right?

Yes it does, but you won’t navigate just from VOR’s…

Correction, some places actually require you to tracks radials still… :D

Already requested ;)

Oh sorry! I didn’t mean that that was the only way to go! Yeah, you could also add vor’s in the CMD…

Oh woops! Well, I guess i’m gonna support that topic!

BTW this one could be closed…

Wait, the other one should be closed, it’s already 401 days old!

Yep, closed yours. :)

Why didn’t it get closed automatic?

Because the topic was made before the automatic close became a thing.

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Good call his was more informative 👍

MaxSez: Radio Beacons are on the way out the door. The FAA is presently dismantling these antiquated NavAids in the States. . GPS is the wave of the future. Glass cockpits are in no matter what the GA community sez. IF nav is and will be GPS based.


Yeah true, but it still is worth adding. Plus, it’s relative easy to add:
VOR’s are already in the game;
OBS knob is a edited version of the already existing heading knob;
VOR/LOC is part of the autoland but it will only track horizontal things;
tuning the frequention is a bit harder, but would not only be nice for VOR nav but also useful for com 1 & 2.

But still, infinite flight is now mainly flown by basic autopilot, which is getting a little boring, if you ask me.

I could see this implemented if IF ever moves to PC.