VOR navigation under ATC control

How would you perform VOR navigation if there is radar controller? Since there would be no flight plan to actually tell them how you are flying.

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With VFR I believe requesting flight following gives you clearance.

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What I would personally do is make a rudimentary flight plan. You say you want to do VOR tracking. I would make a flight plan showing my departure airport and going direct to the VOR.

Then after I take off, I don’t turn on autopilot. I just switch my NAV1 to the VOR (and NAV2 to whatever other station I want) and continue my flight that way.

When there’s a radar controller the “check in” option (Approch, N12345, with you) is an indication that you just want to follow your own flight plan. In addition you can also notify the controller that you’re “flying VFR.” so they will only vector you if you get too close to traffic or terrain.

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Yes, when you request flight following, you’ll be told to continue as filed. If you get too close to another aircraft, you’ll be given a vector which you must follow. Once you’re clear of the conflict, you’ll be allowed to continue VFR.

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