VOR navigation question

After watching the new tutorial of VOR navigation, I decided to give it a try. When I finished my first flight, I found something I’m not quite sure about.

  1. Should I enter all the VOR I used to my flight plan? In the tutorial Regan entered the VOR he used while Tyler didn’t. I wonder how this is done IRL.
  2. Also, when there are fixes defined by VOR radial and DME(like “D10.0 VOR”), should I include them as well?
  3. When I’m using VORs to fly IFR, there is an airway nearby, do I need to maintain in the airway? If so, is it realistic to engage LNAV?

    (a fictional route to make it clear, should I fly along the black route or the red one? )
  4. Is there a thread to look up the typical cruise profile of those GA aircrafts? I don’t usually fly them 😅
    I tried to make my questions clear 😂

Hello! I’m not sure I understand your question but here is a clear up. You enter the VOR at a designated radial, no waypoints (unless you want), and leave at a designated radial. I fly IFR a lot with VORs and I don’t use an fpl, I just use VOR’s by, as said before, entering the at a radial, and leaving at a radial.

Also check here for GA info:

Hope this clears it up!


I personally wouldn’t enter them all. Only the ones right after take off and when approaching.

It depends on the situation. Can you be more specific?

I would say yes, it’s realistic.

In some instrument procedures there would be something like this:

My question is should I add the D20.0 VOR or just direct DELTA

Flying direct to Delta is simpler and I think this is the way to go

  1. VOR navigation is best if you’re able to hop from VOR to VOR without any intermediate waypoints in between. This answer will merge into question #3 you had and that is do you need to fly an airway. Although not required in Infinite Flight, its not a bad idea. The fact that you’re familiar with the term airway is more than what most people know so it wouldn’t hurt by doing so. Kuddos to you!

  2. These fixes are not necessary. These fixes such as DXX.X VOR are procedure fixes. Because we don’t have a way to hide High, Low or even differenitiate procedure fixes, all fixes are seen in our map. These fixes which start with D followed by some numbers are generally on an arc or other instrument approach that utilizes distance to plot a point on the map to give the pilot a point of reference.

  3. The AP will fly a VOR course if you have a course and a VOR set. So yes, it is realistic to engage VNAV. Keep in mind of your CDI (Course Deviation Needle) when doing so. The AP will fly in the direction of whichever way the arrow is pointing. not referring to the to/from flag

Hope this is of some assistance.


Thanks for the helps
I think I’ll give it another try 😄

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