VOR navigation flight in Southern Ontario

Made my first VOR navigation flight from CYKF (Kitchener-Waterloo) to CYND (Ottawa-Gatineau) with the YellowBlue C172. Flight time was 1h49. My flight plan was as follows:
Take off from CYKF, join YMS R-30, join YSO R-90, continue past YSO and join VIE R-72, continue past VIE and join YOW R-76, join YOW R-85, land runway 9.

Turning onto YSO R-90

Cruising at 3500 with Lake Simcoe in the background

Not much scenery after that along the way, some small hills here and there

Approaching Ottawa and Gatineau

Final for runway 9

Ouch (this was after a bounce)

Question for people that know it: do I use VFR or IFR altitudes if I am using VOR navigation?


Nice pictures and flight! Regarding your question either or works. You can fly VFR using VOR’s and VFR altitudes or IFR using VORs, and IFR altitudes. So up to you!

I’d suggest staying at VFR alts since you might cross airways during your VOR navigation

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When you arrive at a VOR, do you just tune into NAV1 on the next one?

You will usually change the radial (the heading) to the next VOR and change midway to be more accurate.

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I switch between NAV 1 and NAV 2. The steam cockpit has an indicator for both so I know when to switch.