VOR NAV question

So I had a little question.

Yesterday I was flying a 172 from Thessaloniki to an AF base in Athens. I was using a VOR to navigate, yet had a small problem. So, as the flight was about 2 hours, I needed to use AP. I tuned into NAV1 for the VOR, and made sure that my source and everything else aligned. Then, I engaged NAV after hand flying for a few minutes (I had double tapped the CRS.) Instead of flying to the VOR, the plane turned in the direction of the light blue thing (forgot the name)Annotation 2019-12-17 112222

How do I stop this from happening?

Have you selected the right course? If you add the VOR as a regular waypoint you can look at the heading in the map menu. You have to put this heading into the course part in the Navigation menu

yes but I didn’t have it set as a waypoint. I had tuned in and the CRS was set at the right heading

You need to change source to NAV1 instead of GPS

yes I had. as stated in the initial post

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Well then we’re missing some infos

What was the course? Because it just seems like your aircraft wanted to align back to thr radial

off the top of my head the course was 168 degrees

Well then I feel like it was following the instructions you gave it

It will try to join the radial earlier than you might want and suddenly turn

what do you mean by this?

When flying a VOR your aircraft will join the selected radial before heading towards the VOR itself

So adjusting CRS is basically adjusting the radial you want your aircraft to fly towards right?

Then once about to cross the radial it will align and follow it

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