VOR issues

VOR appears automatically in some airports but not in others you have to search for it

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It seems that you haven’t clicked fixes on the settings to make the yellow tick pop up.

Fixes show waypoint blue triangles vor is navigations

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If you’re looking for a particular VOR just type it in “VOR XXX” you’ll find it

What I am saying is some they show some they don’t unless you search it up they should have it where it is automatically seeable such as fixes

try click navaids after that click navaids again

The vor is automatically there without me having to find out what it is

i think you just restart the game.

Did not fix the problem

They should make it visible when you have nav setting on to all airports

have you try this?

Yes did not solve

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I have naviad on London you can see Sydney you cannot

This is a known issue with some VOR’s.


it seems that VORs will not visible on some airports or the VOR was not in that airport.

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