VOR issue

Since global was released, it has become very hard to find VORs. Also, the airway lines are gone.

Can you specify more?

They are there. You have to zoom in to see them.

Make sure they are visible in your map settings.


Just search for the VOR using the 3 letter identifier. The airways have been removed for now.

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It does feel like a step back - zooming in to find nav markers can be hit or miss, how do you know if you are zoomed in enough or if there are just no markers in the area you are looking at? Being zoomed makes it inherently slower to scan and find markers etc.

Would like to see this tweaked as it makes planning FPLs quite tiresome.

Edit since been closed: how is search supposed to help if you don’t know what waypoints you are going to use in the first place?

Airways have been removed

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That why you can search them now in the search bar. No need to look aimlessly on a map.

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Thanks everyone. The VORs ARE there, but you need to zoom in a lot to see them. It gets very frustrating trying to find a VOR along your flight path.

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