VOR flying

I’m having a bit of trouble with the VORS in infinite flight,

I’m flying Northbound from Florida up to Ohio wanting to use VOR Volunteer which is located in the approach path of KTYS, it is not there on map but when I search the VOR up it pops up but I can’t add to my fpl? Does anyone know what thanks!

I’ve had this problem before. Search for the VOR and another waypoint in the search bar, then select “add to/replace flight plan”.

This will add the two waypoints including the desired VOR to your flightplan. If you don’t want the extra waypoint you can remove it afterwards.

You should then be able to select the VOR on the map and use it in the usual manner.


Hey Zach, as a more of a last resort option, try selecting the I05L approach from the procedures tab, and selecting the VOR Volunteer as your transition and then simply delete the excess waypoints you don’t need so that it fits into your FPL however which way!


@David_Beckett @Javier_Blancas

Thanks for the help they worked, I’ve since then taken off though and resorted to using waypoint HIGAR instead of the VOR which they are close enough together lol. But thanks again for the help