VOR Elimination

Our IF airport editors will need to start deleting VORs soon.


Oh no, possible global flight delay?

On the contrary, its easier to delete than to create.


After looking at the VORs that will be removed, the airport editors will only have to take out a few based on the IF regions.

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Global flight will not be delayed by this.


Well, at least SoCal will remain as is. :)


Hard not to notice the flood of VORs being removed on the East Coast.

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Such a bummer… When I was flying this was about all we had. Out of all the airplanes i could rent one had this snazzy thing called Loran.
Also at least on IF it is alot easier to find the nav points in a STAR when they’re VOR.

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MaxSez… No more DitDot. More Govt/FAA PPPP. The loss of the Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Systems (VOR) and its accompanying VHF Distants Measureing System (DME) is a tactical blunder of the first order. Plus it’s gonna cost the taxpayer and the aviation community a bundle particularly GA. The future reliance on the unencrypted and unsecure Civilian side of the Global Satellite Positoning System (GPS) for commercial and general aviation application is a losing proposition in the longrun worldwide. The US NavStars /Global Navigation Support System (GNSS) and its 32 satellites in geosink clousters are ez picking, There vulnerable to even the most unsophisticated advisories electronic warfare capability and even the home grown hacker with the proper equipment and knowledge. It’s gonna get confusing and crowded in near earth orbit and an electromagnetic signal overload is expected when the following Non-US GPS cluster become operational : Russia (Gonass), EU (Galilio), China (BeiDou), Japan (Q-Zenith) and India,s (Reginal). I’m not sweating the change, I’m retired service and not an owner anymore. I’ve got a sexton and Nav bubble just in case though.


Not only an expert GA pilot, but a tactical expert too? Excellent analysis, a few missiles into space from any adversary and the planes will be flying blind.

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To be honest, the question of shutting down VORs, ADFs and ILS has been around for a few years. Every year, they plan to remove a lot of VORs and it never happens. Same thing for instrument landing systems. Both of them are still largely used when it comes to navigating relatively accurately. Therefore, VORs and ILS still have a few years (or even a decade) left before they start to be fully removed.

However it will happen someday with the progress of GPS navigation. A few delta and echo airports, in France have already started to remove their ILS thanks to the major progresses made in GNSS/ RNAV navigation. (Note: bravos are not used in France; most major airports are C and D; Paris airports are A)

Concerning ADFs, they already belong to a past time. They will slowly disappear. As a pilot, I have never really used one, although there is a few remaining in France. It’s very likely that new pilots will never use an ADF.

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Noted Axel and agree. I’m an old crow. I grow up back in the day. I remember my first go to Burmuda from Philladelphia, Loran C and a faint DME signal from
Kinley’s Beacon Hill lead the way. Times change, old habits die hard.

(US FAA is in the process of closeing stations now. The North East is the first region effected.)

If they do close VOR stations and VORTAC stations then they would have to convert Hi/LO IFR OPS to GNSS due to the fact that the Julliet and Quebec airways, etc, will be discontinued. But more airports are getting RNAV SID/STAR systems because there easier to set up and an easy fix! Besides there updated every couple of months! I guess we will have to wait and see how this story plays out as my Instructor does say often:
“Let’s play it by ear shall we”


John Gerard Killeen
Student Pilot - Sligo Aeronautical Club

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This is happening over the course of 9 years, I think we’ll be fine for quite awhile ;)

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