VOR Disappearance Workaround [TESTED AND WORKS]

Hello Infinite Flight Community!
With the recent 20.1 update there has been an issue in which many VORs have gone missing, however, I have discovered a solution!

Step 1:Find the 3 letter code of the VOR that you want to add. For example the Lambourne VOR-DME is LAM

Step 2: In the search bar of the map type vor [insert vor code]. For example type vor lam if you want to add the Lambourne VOR

Step 3: Select “Add to Flight Plan [Insert VOR Code]”

Then you finally have the VOR that was missing on the interactive map in your flightplan!


Oh, I will try it! Thank you!


Awesome workaround. Thanks for figuring this out. Now I won’t have to pick a random waypoint near the disappearing VOR.

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Really great workaround. Also you can use a SID/STAR with it in when pplocable as this works too.

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