VOR approach in larger aircraft

Hello Everybody, I have seen Tyler’s great tutorial on VOR navigation
however on larger aircraft like A320 or 777 or whatever like that, how would I fly a VOR approach? I am still a little confused on what to do

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Hello There! you cannot fly an VOR approach in Infinite Flight as it does not have the things you need to fly one, but this is how you WOULD fly one in xp11 or msfs or something

Find your VOR approach chart, enter you frequency and course, and do all the landing approach ref and all that stuff, then you will swich your NAV screen to VOR and aline with it using your gps, and when you approach decent starts in your chart you swich to Track Mode and decend at the angle it tells you to do

it is like using ILS for up and down and RNAV for left and right, but your not using either, it is a good way to do approaches in airports that are not in mountains and do not have ILS like small airports, but that is what makes it very interesting to do as an approach

Whats a VOR?

If I’m not mistaken, it is possible to perform a VOR approach in Infinite Flight. A tutorial can be found here:


technally you could, but the procedure is extremely not realistic at all

you would use VOR/LOC mode rather than try and align the needle using heading select in real life on an airliner.

and when you approach decent starts in your chart you swich to Track Mode and decend at the angle it tells you to do

many airliners don’t have a “descent angle” mode, although generally it is available on airbus aircraft. you could use vertical speed and take descent rates from the chart based on your ground speed - and then use the check heights to adjust. alternatively you could use a RNAV overlay and fly it in LNAV/VNAV but have the VOR needles displayed.

As @HerrMrSir notes, in IF you can tune VORs as NAV1 and/or NAV2, and put in a specific radial as required for the approach. you can then have your aircraft in LNAV mode but select NAV1 or NAV2 depending on which one has your correct VOR & radial and that will take care of your lateral guidance.

For vertical guidance, you can use V/S mode, descent rates on the chart, and check heights. Also you can supplement that if you have waypoints with specific heights by having them in your flight plan and descending using VNAV - again checking off against the check altitudes in the charts and ensuring you have a height in for the runway waypoint or change it to V/S otherwise you will stop descending at the last waypoint you have an altitude against.

EDIT: oh and just to add flying a VOR approach is realistic for an airliner and happens all the time every day where precision approaches are not available :)


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