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Hello guys,
I am currently planning my approach into PHNL, and I decided to try a VOR approach this time (runway 4R).

Source: Free to use Chartfox.com (public gov. source)

Now, if I would follow the indicated course to the beacon, I would end up over the runway and would therefore not have a chance to land on the runway. Thus, my question: Would you normally deviate from the VOR course and visually align yourself with the runway once in the landing configuration? I read through the VOR approach tutorial in the User Guide, but I think it doesn’t answer my question. Do you know what to do in this case?

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Wait I think I understood it wrong.

  1. You come from the VOR and then make a procedure turn onto 018°.
  2. Then you fly until OBGUE from where on you can take over on your own

Is that right?

Yes sort of

The way you would fly this is as follows:

  1. Tune HNL VOR 114.8 with an inbound corse of 018 towards the VOR (alternatively, 198 outbound as they are reciprocal)
  2. At 10NM from DANIE (14.5nm HNL), maintain 3000 feet or ABOVE
  3. Begin a decent after the above waypoint to 1,500 feet by DANIE (D4.5 from HNL)

Then, two options; either:

(a) Descend to minimums (460 feet) by D1.2 HNL at your discretion


(b) Descend at 3.00 degrees at D4.2 HNL to pass D1.2 HNL at 460

  1. At minimums (MDA 460), break way from the VOR course and visually fly the aircraft to the runway

Hope this helps :)


Thank you very much!
I only struggle a bit to read the quote above out of the chart. Where can I find that information?

You need to look at the entire chart to see this information. For instance:


[Removed due to potential copyright issues]

FAA (Source from Chartfox, I’m guessing?):

The ‘V’ that is seen on the Jeppesen chart represents the visual descent point from where you would continue a 3 degree descent towards the runway, breaking away from the approach.

No worries at all! :)

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But in the chartfox chart, it isn’t there right? Because it isn’t in the descent path map like in Jeppesen and I can’t find it on the main map

I speculate that Chartfox assumes a 3 degree descent from 3000 feet, so you would pass D1.2 HNL at 460 in a continuous descent anyway. These are your minimums, from where you would fly visually (that’s the definition of minimums). It’s essentially saying the same thing but this information is not presented as well as in Jeppesen.

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Thank you very much Maxim!
I am trying to use real-world charts more and more and by answering such questions you’re helping me a lot!

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Not a problem at all! If you have any further questions with other approaches, feel free to reach out personally or post a topic again! Have a good one.

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