Volunteers try to turn two Ex. OzJet 737-200s to Accomodation

There are two Boeing 737 aircraft parked at Perth Airport. Once the pride of the fleet for OzJet, they have been deteriorating and accumulating parking fees in excess of their value for the past 7 years. Occupying precious ground space they need to depart, one way or another. No longer airworthy, the aircraft must be demolished and removed bit by bit. Many of us want to see them saved and put to use.
They are being pulled apart and then shipped to York in regional Western Australia and will be turned into accommodation.


Awesome! York will be on my detour when I head to Perth!


I’ll buy it! Lol, wouldn’t it be cool, sad to see them go tho.

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No wayyyyy! Since when were these OzJet aircraft still around? Strategic Airlines just let the airline die 🙄. It’s great to hear they will still see better days.

I forgot that these old classic 737s even operated in Australia

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