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I was curious if Infinite Flight hosts volunteering opportunities for participants in the community to engage or employs internships/apprenticeships/research opportunities so fellow aviation lovers can apply. Should I reach out to a specific member of the team? If anyone has any information or other sources regarding initiative opportunities for IF, please reach out to me!

Thank you.

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Hello mate,

I’m going to start this off by saying I’m not a staff member or moderator so they have more insight into this, but I’m fairly confident that Infinite Flight do not offer volunteering opportunities or open up any form of application process for any role.

The people selected to be apart of the team either as moderators or staff are carefully hand selected by the staff team due to the assets that they can bring to the team and their contribution to the community.

Infinite Flight staff have said before that if you are interested in being apart of the team you should “Do something that makes us (them) need to hire you”.

Hope this helps out mate and provides some clarity!


To add on what Declan has said, there are volunteer opportunities within Infinite Flight but not directly for the company. Virtual Airlines and Virtual Organisations are usually your best place to go and help out.

Here is a link to a staff recruitment list for what VA/VOs are looking for people, so if you might be interested in that feel free to read up on the requirements.


You can also look into joining the expert server ATC team (IFATC). It’s a really great community that I would recommend to anyone, and I’m sure everyone else in IFATC would say the same. You can get started here:

  1. IFVARB. Join a VA/VO and work your way up.
  2. IFAET. Join the airport editing team to give back your time to the sim editing airports. It is a great group of people all dedicated to quality work.
  3. Join IFATC. What better way to spot than to have the best seat in the house, the control tower. It does take work and studying to join but well worth it.

If you take a look @infiniteflight_17’s profile, that’s basically every single Infiniteflight related opportunity checked down. 😂

Additionally, IFVARB roles, work your way up the ranks, and when an application opens up, go ahead and try and swoop in.

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Something else is coding, just look at @KaiM, this guy could stack all the codes he’s done on the IFC, (which include, but are not limited to: The very popular stats in bio, CCs galore, etc.

We’ve got some great opportunities for yourself to grow personally here on the community.

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Thank you all for this valuable information!

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