Volunteer as an airport contributor

I understand that currently the 3D airport team is strictly invite only. However, will it be possible at some point to volunteer to contribute towards the 3D airport development process? Similar to how IFAET use to work.

Right now as you have said, the Airport editors are a hand picked team. It has been mentioned that the possibility of the editing team being pushed to the wider community could happen at somepoint in the future, but when that will be is unknown. Make sure to keep an eye out on the #announcements and development timeline and blog pages for updates.

Hope this helps, and have a great day !!



Information found in this reply and topic from a couple of hours ago should also help to some extent. ;)


Thanks for the quick replies, I would love at some point to continue to help grow the sim.


I hope so too, it would be amazing to see what amazing stuff can be achieved via help through the wider community !!

Im sure the day will come where you will be able to help.

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That passion is exactly what we’ll be looking for once the team is opened up. Until then, hold tight and enjoy some flights and everything IF currently has to offer. Hope to see you sometime soon!


Thanks all!