Volume and ATC

I keep having this problem where at some point, either my SFX or ATC volume mutes, at the same time my ATC glitches, where I can see the controllers response in my log, but it give me no option to answer. I check my settings and volume seems all good. After a while, the volume and ATC repairs itself, sometimes it doesn’t. Is this an Infinite Flight issue or an iPhone issue?

Hello! Have you checked that the “Mute” button isn’t activated? If yes, try to deactivate the button. If not, try restarting the app to see if it works. Hopefully it helps :)


Have checked mute, all is well there. I will try restarting. That is bound to work, it just hasn’t occurred to me as the issue tends to arise midway through rather long flights :)

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The sound issue typically happens when.

  1. You receive a phone call
  2. Leave the app.

The other issue happens if you.

  1. Have a poor internet connection
  2. Leave the app

Solution in both cases is to restart the app.

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I think both issues must be down to me leaving the app, Thanks!

Same with me, if that happened i just close & reopen IF, back to normal.

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Yea don’t do that you fall off of the radar as well, and it becomes a nightmare for controllers.

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An entire sentence that our beloved Brandon is finally entirely correct about.

Some one get Brandon a friggin pat on the back!

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I tend to get this problem when I use the app switcher to check snapchat or something like that.

Thats exactly what I do, and this is when the problem occurs. I guess Infinite Flight is life and you have to commit!!

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