Volume adjustment for alarms

Do you have most of your speed violations while you sleep, or just briefly away from your phone or tablet? Then this may help!

We currently have two volume settings in IF. See below.

My request is for a future version of IF to have a third volume slider, for alarms
This gives us ability to control the sound of any alarms over other sounds.

I think the use-case for this is for those situations where we briefly stepped away from our tablet or phone, or even when we sleep during a long haul flight.

Let’s just hope we can react quick enough… 😉


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Great idea, but I am deaf. This would be great idea, but some pro and con.


  • It will help from getting too much violations.
  • The alarm(loudness/slider) will wake you up quick.


  • You will get violation because it take 10 seconds to get our device and 10 seconds to get below the speed limit.
  • What if someone is in your house are sleeping during the night and you wake them up, they will be mad.

Btw, I am on my limit for the vote, you can vote your feature request.

In my opinion it’s unnecessary, I don’t see the need for it as we have alarms on all of our Phones. If you dont want any other sound:

  • Keep your SFX volume to minimum, so the aircraft noise won’t be heard

  • Set an alarm, make sure to keep your device on full volume

  • I recommend keeping your ATC Volume on full In case your alarm doesn’t go off, you will be hear ATC asking them to contact you.

This is my opinion

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This will really be helpful

Or… dont sleep while you’re flying…

One of the reasons I dont commit to long haul flights is because it would take too long and one needs sleep

But overall not a bad idea and would be useful for those of you who do sleep/fly

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