Volotea Boeing 717

🇪🇸 Volotea, Boeing 717-2BL, EI-FCU 🇪🇸

Hello everyone, welcome to the Boeing 717 Volotea feature request!

Credit of the picture here

Informations about the plane:

  • According to Jetphotos.net, this plane was build in 2005 and was delivered to Volotea in July 2013.
  • The registration of the plane is EI-FCU.
  • The serial number of the plane is 55190.
  • See this link for more informations about this plane.

What is the airline Volotea?

  • Volotea is a 🇪🇸 low cost airlines who is now, the only European airline who operated the 717.
  • According to Wikipedia, the airline has 36 aircraft in 2019 (19 Airbus A319 and 17 Boeing 717)
  • The airline is based in Spain, France, Greece.
  • See Wikipedia for more informations about Volotea.

Why I would like to see this airline in Infinite Flight?

  • I like the livery (especially the color of the tail.)
  • I like the big Volotea wrinting.

See Wikipedia for more informations about this plane:

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Nice thread I wish I had votes but I like that livery on the 717 it’s so nice


Freed up a bit for this amazing thing


Cheeky bump on this @Alex_Kraz you will be proud

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Note: did you know that Volotea will retire all of their 717?
They will only fly with the A319.

Oh no why?

I think this article explains the reasons:

Sad to see it go oh well soon the a380 will go to

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Since Volotea start to retire their 717, it would be great to see this livery added with the 717 rework.


Also, do you like the classic Volotea livery?

  • Yes.
  • No, they should added a cup of tea on it.

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Please yes ! I will vote for this


Ran out of likes.

Thanks for your vote @Cdt_Aupetit!
I don’t understand why this livery wasn’t added with the addition of the 717, since Volotea already had 717s in 2013.
Anyway, hope to see this added with the 717 rework!

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I don’t know how long it takes to make a livery but as the 712 is a small aircraft, it shouldn’t too be long. Maybe @Laura can tell us

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Just because an aircraft is smaller doesn’t mean it takes less time to develop, they have opportunities to add more refined, smaller details.

Anyway, Volotea is one missing airline in IF. These things sometimes come to Southampton from Palma de Mallorca chartered by TUI. That would probably be my first route once this is out :^)


You are probably right, nevertheless it should be shorter than reworking the A330

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Without going off topic too much, I doubt that is the case. About 2 years ago the a330 received updated physics in a soft rework, so some of it is already complete… whilst the 717 would have to be completely redone

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Last known update was in 2013 ! 7 years ago !
I doubt the community will vote for the 717 rework as there isn’t that much users.
But let’s hope it will be done sometime soon

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Small bump!

Since the Volotea callsign was added thank you Cameron:) , the livery should to be added!


I knew @Alex_Kraz posted this just by the title lol

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Wait why was it added 😲

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@SirMS, because I asked Cameron in a PM to add this callsign.
Take the Air Serbia, Air Albania or Air Transat for example, we have these callsign, but without theirs liveries.