Volotea A320-214 (EC-ISI)

The aircraft on final at Palma De Mallorca Airport on July 17th of 2021, caught by Javier Rodríguez

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This is a remake of my previous one, become it lacked all of the details, so this is why I decided to make a new proper request.

The aircraft

The aircraft is a 18 years and 6 months A320-214, which was operated by the following airlines (it was leased many times):

Airline name When the aircraft (was) delivered / leased / transfered / returned its original operator Registration
Volar Airlines 2003-11-10 EC-ISI
Air Asturias 2006-11-01 EC-ISI
LTE International Air 2007-01-18 EC-ISI
Nouvelair 2009-04-09 EC-ISI
Koral Blue 2009-07-24 SU-KBC
Nas Air 2009-11-03 VP-CXU
Flynas 2013-11-13 VP-CXU
Nas Air Saudi Arabia 2010-07-29 VP-CXU
VivaColombia 2016-11-23 HK-5202
SmartLynx Estonia 2019-03-26 ES-SAV
Air Malta 2019-04-01 ES-SAV
TUI Belgium 2019-06-26 ES-SAV
SmartLynx Estonia 2019-11-06 ES-SAV
Albatros Air 2019-11-12 ES-SAV
TUI Belgium 2020-02-21 ES-SAV
ES-SAV 2020-03-17 ES-SAV
Volotea 2021-06-15 EC-ISI
It is equipped with the CFM56-5B4/P’s Engines and his serial number is 2123.
Named " El Tiempo Pasa Volando".

More informations about the A320 family 👇

The Airline

Volotea is a Spanish Low Cost Airline that was founded in 2011 by Carlos Muñoz and Lázaro Ros (they are the CEO of the airline).
It was registered in Castrillón and has bases in country like in France, Italy, Greece etc.
They started their operations in 2012 at Venice Airport with a fleet of MD-95 (717), (they first, selected the choice between the CRJ-1000 and the E-195 in 2011).
Volotea is based in airports like Bordeaux, Venice, Nantes, Toulouse, Verona, Athens, Marseille etc…
In January of 2021, they retired all of theirs small Mad Dog to replace them with the A320 (along with the existing A319s, which the first one was delivered as EC-MTN in January of 2016).
They currently have a fleet of 20 A319s and 16 A320s (36 in total).
Before the retirement, they had a fleet of 19 MD-95s.

Why I want it to be add into IF

I want it to be add to IF, because, not only Volotea is one of the most important airline in Europe, like easyJet, Ryanair, Lufthansa…, but also because it will opens a lot of diversity route (Verona to Catania for example), and the Volotea livery is a pretty good one!

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New A320 for the airline (ex-GoAir A320)

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EC-NOL (ex-Alaska A320) at Bari in 2021

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EC-NOL (foreground) and EC-NOP (background) at Nantes

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I’d love to see any Volotea livery in IF 😍 I think A319 has the best chances tho, at least if it comes to votes

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And also, the Volotea’s livery fits better on the A319

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EC-NTU (ex-Pegasus) is the first Volotea A320 with the Sharklets. He is also wearing a new color scheme.


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EC-ISI at Perpignan in 2021

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I have taken EC-NOP this morning from Brindisi (LIBR) to Nantes (LFRS).
Cool livery but very bad cabin.

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Since the A319 is confirmed, it’s time to add it on the A320! (and on the 717 / MD-95)

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Yes sure! This livery is a monster in this beast!

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Would be nice to have another one for Spain!


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