"Volotea A319 and 712": Nantes to Dubrovnik!

Hey IFC!

Two days ago, I did a Volotea flight with @Cdt_Aupetit, from LFRS to LDDU.
Unfortunately, neither of us landed at Dubrovnik, because @Cdt_Aupetit’s IF crashed over Italy, mine frozen and crashed during the approach at LDDU.
The aircraft we used are the A319-111 (for me) and the 717-2BL (for aeroflot518super) in the Generic livery.
The flight was on Expert, and the flight time was approximately 2 hours 18.

Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Thanks for looking at the pics!
Have a nice day (or night). 😊

Which pics is (are) your favourite?

  • Picture 1
  • Picture 2
  • Picture 3
  • Picture 4
  • Picture 5
  • Picture 6
  • Picture 7

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Number 5 almost looks real! Great pictures, it’s a pity that your guys’ IF crashed, happens to the best of us.

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Thank you @Pilot_Felix!
Yeah, that’s sad that IF crashed for us:(

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Great photos, I love #5!

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I see generic aircraft, I press like! What devices are you guys using?

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I think I flew past ye the other day. Great pictures as well

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Thanks everyone!

@CheapJedi, I use the Galaxy Tab S2 (2015), @Cdt_Aupetit’s device is a Xiaomi Mi9T or K20.


Nice flying with you mate.

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Thank you very much @Cdt_Aupetit!

Super happy that I flew with you.👍
But I think it would be better if it was with the Volotea one, instead of the Generic one.


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