Volotea A319-111

🇪🇸 Volotea A319-111 or -112 (EC-MTM) 🇪🇸

Hello everyone and welcome to Volotea A319 feature request! I have approval from moderators to remake a feature of this, because this feature: Volotea A319 (Allez les Canaris) livery was closed, thanks moderators.🤗

The aircraft was taken in the airport of Zaragoza, Spain 🇪🇸 by Rodrigo Train.

Informations about this plane:

  • According to Jetphotos.net, the original operator of this aircraft was easyJet.
  • The plane was delivered to Volotea in January 2018.
  • The plane was build in October 2003.
  • The Serial number of the plane is 2062.
  • The Registration of the plane is EC-MTM.
  • The complete name of this aircraft is the Airbus A319-111 (or -112 on FlightRadar24.)

What is the airline Volotea ?

  • Volotea is a Spanish low cost airline.🇪🇸
  • It’s the only European Airline who operate the 717 now.
  • According to Wikipedia, the airline operate 36 aircraft, (17 Boeing 717 and 19 Airbus A319 in 2019.)
  • The airline fly in many European countries, like France, Spain, Italia…
  • See Wikipedia for more informations about this airline.
  • According to Wikipedia, the airline was founded in 2011, and it was created in 2012 by Vueling founders.
  • In France, the airline is based in airports of Nantes (LFRS), Bordeaux (LFBD), Toulouse (LFBO)…

Why I want this airline in Infinite Flight ?

  • We need more Spanish Airlines.
  • It has a very nice livery.
  • With this livery, we can do some flights (Catania to Verona…) instated of the generic livery.
  • I like the “Maman, j’arrive !” and the “Mamá, llego en un rato” bellow the Volotea writing.
  • I like the red color of the tail.
  • I like the black “Volotea” wrinting.

See Wikipedia for informations about the A319 and the A320 family:

Cool livery, however I don’t see myself clearing a vote for it.


Volotea, a nice looking livery. I’m not sure about the airline though.

Anyhow, this livery is awesome and we need this for the Boeing 717 too!


Well It is a very nice livery! I saw a bunch of the Volotea B717’s when I was Italy, didn’t get to see any a319’s in person though.


It flies a lot in Greece and has a hub in Athens, i’d love to fly this livery more! Voted!


The airline flies a lot in France, Spain, Italia, Greece…

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This is so needed! Love the airline


Looks awesome! We definitely need this on the 717 aswell! Got my vote :)

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Volotea flies also in Morroco (Tangier) to Nantes.😀

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I agree, whilst I would love to see every livery on IF. You only have a certain amount of votes, so I’m not convinced. Great post though!


Volotea has in total 36 aircrafts.

Why not, nice livery !

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Welcome to the Community !😀

Thank you very much ! :D

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You’re welcome. ;-)

I don’t know what country this airline is from but I loved the phrase that has the name below and the livery is fantastic
You have my vote!

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Thank for comment and for vote. :)
This airline is from Spain.


I really like the livery! But I won’t be clearing up a vote for this

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Really nice livery! But I don’t have more votes 😢


Who like the “Mamá, llego en un rato” bellow the “Volotea” writing ? ;)