Volk Field - Who was Viper 01/2?

Hello! Yesterday me and my friend were flying around Volk Field (KVOK) on Expert server in some F-22s. We launched (I was in a call with my friend who was in the F22 with me), and noticed 2 F-16s, callsign Viper 01 and 2 spawned and took off as well. My friend and I were flying in formation and were going to the air combat range. We then realized they wanted to join so we circled around and got in a tight formation with them. We then did actions hoping they realized we wanted to do a training dog fight. We then did and we were having a lot of fun and were impressed in the realism, when we hadn’t ever met the other guys before-or know who they are.

In conclusion, my friend (@militaryplanespotting on IG) and I are really curious who these guys are. We would love to play with them again sometime.
One of the best things about Infinite Flight is random people flying with you, where you feel a connection.

If you guys are reading this or know someone this might been PLEASE REPLY to this post, we would love to fly again sometime. Thank you!

Screenshots of the event:

Thank you for reading. Again if you know who this is or if it was you please reply!


Cool to see people who don’t even know each other — not even on the IFC or other virtual media — having fun together. Always adds a great tough to a flight and makes it fun.

Reminds me of a about a month ago when I and another F-14 flew professional formation with a USCG C-130. We didn’t even know each other and we flew an amazing formation. I’ll always remember how great that was.

Great photos! I’m sure it was awesome!


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