Volga Dnepr Antonov 124 in Shannon, Ireland (20th of October 2018)

Hey everyone!
Just wanted to show my past pictures with my iPad when I noticed that an Antonov 124 has been heading into Shannon recently. I have been noticing that these aircrafts stay here for a long time quite often, so when it landed from Portsmouth in the late night, I have decided to try and drive into Shannon to try and check out this Russian aircraft for the very first time. (I also catched a British Airways Boeing 777-200 landing for undergoing maintenance, cannot upload the video unfortunately.)

Here is the arrival from Flightradar24. The Aircraft Registration is RA-82046.

Upon Arrival, this Aircraft was undergoing preparations for the next flight. This was taken just on the left side of the main terminal building. This aircraft is massive!

I have managed to reach out into runway 09, with the best shot of the takeoff. Honestly, I have never Experienced an aircraft like this. It’s quite hard to realise that such a heavy aircraft is able to lift off. We were lucky that this aircraft was taking off at this time.

(Please Dont mind the people in the background, we also had a couple of visitors on that day).

Finally it’s Flight took place into Burgas. Also a screenshot in Flightradar24.

I hope you have enjoyed. This was taken way back and wanted to show you this Aircraft. I have thought on sharing this video quite a few times before. Now I had the time to do so. Also having this in mind that all Cargo aircrafts fly into Shannon regularly. 👍


I’ve wanted to catch this one for a while now. I’m always busy when it’s here! Glad you got to see it though

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Thanks a lot. I’ve been wondering from all of that time on how it would really look IRL. In the close view, this aircraft looks very old, but gold. 😉

I have found this aircraft from the very beginning by using the notification tool in Flightradar24.

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Fajne Kuba. Ja również mieszkam w Irlandii.😀

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