Volcanoes to Sand... with a friend.

Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, so I’m back! Last night me and my buddy @Armani_B participated in the FNF at Jakarta. We had a blast and flew Garuda 777s (my fav) from Jakarta to Medina. Medina is located in the Middle East, west of Jeddah. I wanted to try something new with this route and go places I might not usually go. We had a great flight. No harsh wind, beautiful scenery, soft landings. We started off at 34,000 feet then later step climbed to 36 thousand. Flight time was 8 hours, 47 minutes. I hope you enjoy these pictures!

A busy terminal 3 at Jakarta. Here we see me and @Armani_B in the first two 777s. Then is @Leon_B in his a333, and lastly @Tegar_Kusuma in a 777.

Here, my massive GE90 rumbles to life as @Armani_B patiently waits for pushback.

Liftoff! My huge GE90’s rocket me out of Jakarta.

Beautiful Indonesia. I cruise at 34,000 ft over Volcanoes, jungles, and beautiful beaches.

Cruise over the Indian Ocean as a beautiful sunset shines its rays on the 777’s sleek fuselage.

Around an hour out from Medina, the 777 soars over vast desert and sand as far as the eye can see.

Turning base at Medina with some of the most unique scenery I’ve seen in IF.

Moments from touchdown at Medina intl.

@Armani_B seconds before touchdown as I am seen de boarding in the background.

Two birds, a journey completed.

Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed. Shout out to @Tim_B for the great ATC!
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Thanks again! Have a great day!


These are awesome it was fun flying with you buddy very nice pics 👍🏽😁

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Thanks buddy. Awesome pictures 👍🏻


Nice photos!

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Thanks @AlphaSeven!! Much appreciated

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Anytime partner, keep it up 🙃


Yup np. Thanks! Hope you had a nice flight :) (sorry for late reply)


Awesome photos , thanks for tagged ! Its a pride

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