Volcanoes on my Mind

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After seeing an image online of the Boeing 787-10 Boeing livery, I just had to get some shots of this beautiful aircraft and livery on IF, and what better place than the volcanoes of Oregon and Washington State!! I hope you enjoy these scenic shots!

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Airplane: Beoing 787-10 “Boeing” Livery
Route: Portland International Airport (KPDX) OR - Denver International Airport (KDEN) CO
Total Flight Time: 2 Hours, 36 Minutes
Altitude: FL 390

Boeing 787-10 passing by Mt. Hood’s southwest face in Oregon. Such a beautiful sight!

Mt. Hood again as the 787 passes by its southeast face.

Both Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier can be seen in the background. Both are volcanoes located in Washington State

Close-up shot of the beautiful Boeing livery on the Boeing 787-10 which is one of my favorite liveries!!

All four volcanoes are visible. Mt. Hood in the foreground, Mt. Adams being the furthest to the right, Mt. Saint Helens to the far left, and Mt. Rainier in the background!!

What is the tallest volcano out of the four?
  • Mt. Saint Helens
  • Mt. Hood
  • Mt. Adams
  • Mt. Rainier

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Love it! These volcanoes are really something special. Even better and more beautiful in person.

Definitely my favorite one!

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Glad you enjoyed my screenshots! I have always wanted to take a hike around those areas and this just wants to make me do it even more!

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this should have been one of the underrated liveries lol
It looks soo good

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Definitely! I’ve been to Mt Rainier a few times, and the last time we went, we hiked to Glacier Vista. Definitely recommend! If you want to PM and talk about it my inbox is open :)

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Will keep that in mind!

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Great shots here, well done!!

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How is this IF?! It looks so real!


Glad you enjoyed them!!

Edits are beautiful things @N908QD

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