Volcanoes of Chile Tour, Part 2

Route: Pucón, Chile (SCPC) to Puerto Montt, Chile (SCTE)

SCPC 3917S/7206W 3931S/7208W 3946S/7123W 3954S/7128W 4003S/7202W 4015S/7214W 4035S/7206W 4111S/7134W 4120S/7201W 4053S/7220W 4103S/7234W 4116S/7243W SCTE

Continuing my journey south along the mountain chains of the Americas is the second tour of a long chain of scenic volcanoes in Chile. Some of these volcanoes are recently or even currently active. This loop of 278 nm in a TBM-930 on the Training Server is from Pucón (SCPC) to Puerto Montt (SCTE), passing eight volcanoes and several scenic lakes. Cruising altitude was 11000 ft and flight time was 82 min at 200 kts. I used a relatively slow speed so the TBM-930 could make some tight turns in the flight plan. Local time was between 11 and 12 AM.

#1. Departing Pucón, Chile (SCTO) with the volcanoes Lanin (left) and Quetrupillan (right) in the distance.

#2. The TBM-930 flying past the southern side of Villarrica volcano near Pucón, with Quetrupillan and Lanin volcanoes in the distance.

#3. Wing view of Quetrupillan volcano.

#4. Cabin view of Lanin volcano.

#5. The TBM-930 flying past the twin peaks of Mocho-Choshuenco volcano.

#6. Flying toward Puyehue-Córdon Caulle, with snow-clad Puntiagudo-Córdon Cenizos volcano in the distance.

#7. The TBM-930 flying past Puntiagudo-Córdon Cenizos volcano, with Osorno volcano in the distance.

#8. Wing view of Osorno volcano with Calbuco volcano on the far side of Llanquihue Lake.

#9. The TBM-930 flying past Calbuco volcano.

#10. Landing at Puerto Montt (SCTE), with Calbuco and Osorno volcanoes in the distance.


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