Volcanoes of Chile Tour, Part 1

Route: Victoria, Chile (SCTO) to Pucón, Chile (SCPC)
SCTO 3752S/7138W 3720S/7133W 3722S/7112W 3754S/7117W 3814S/7128W 3833S/7126W 3844S/7130W 3857S/7120W 3912S/7140W SCPC

Continuing my journey south along the mountain chains of the Americas, I have come to a long chain of scenic volcanoes in Chile. Some of these volcanoes are recently or even currently active. This loop of 224 nm in a TBM-930 on the Training Server is from Victoria (SCTO) to Pucón (SCPC), passing five volcanoes and several scenic lakes. Cruising altitude was 11000 ft and flight time was 54 min at 240 kts. Local time was between 11 and 12 AM.

#1. Taking off from Victoria, Chile (SCTO) with Llaima and Villarrica volcanoes on the horizon.

#2. The TBM-930 flying past the western side of Callaqui volcano with the lake Embalse Raico at its base.

#3. Cabin view of Laja Lake to the north of Antuco volcano.

#4. The TBM-930 flying past the new and old volcanic cones of Antuco volcano with part of Laja Lake below.

#5. A long recent lava flow from the new cone of Lonquimay volcano. The peak of Llaima volcano is in the distance, and Villarrica volcano is on the horizon.

#6. Wing view of Llaima volcano with unidentified peak in the foreground.

#7. The TBM-930 flying past the glacier-filled crater of Sollipulli volcano.

#8. On final approach to Pucón (SCPC) with Villarrica volcano in the background.

#9. Landing at SCPC.


Looks like a pretty scenic experience! Nice shots!

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Great photos, that’s a beautiful place!

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