Volcanoes of Central Mexico Tour

On my way south touring the Americas I noticed a series of impressive volcanoes just south of Mexico City. This little loop on the Training Server in a TBM-930 takes a closer look at these volcanoes. Cruising altitude was 13000 ft and flight time was 70 min. Local time was around 1 PM.

Route: MM20 to MM20

MM20 1903N/9710W 1928N/9704W 1937N/9704W 1919N/9802W 1901N/9828W 1934N/9836W 1932N/9849W 1857N/9845W 1857N/9725W MM20

#1. Taking off from Córdoba (MM20) with Pico de Orizaba in the background.

#2. Flying past the eastern face of Pico de Orizaba.

#3. Flying north of Pico de Orizaba and Las Cumbres volcano.

#4. Flying past Serdán Oriental volcano, with Popocatépeti in the distance.

#5. Flying past Popocatépeti volcano.

#6. Flying past Iztaccihuati volcano.

  1. Flying north of Iztacchuati and Popocatépeti volcanoes to the east of Mexico City.

  1. Flying South of Pico de Orizaba on the return to Córdoba.

  1. Heading in to land at Córdoba (MM20).


Noice, might to do this route now

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Yet another super scenic GA flight, great photos @Kansas_Scotty!

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Nice photos! Very scenic route!

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