Volcanoes and jungle over Ecuador

So I decided to do a flight from Quito-Miami. I flew an AA A320.

I never knew there were so many volcanoes close together.

Now there is lush jungle near the coast.


nice pics, how high where u in the 1st pic?

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I was still ascending to FL340. In the first shot I was around FL220 I think.

wow! that volcano must have been VERY! high

Well the ground altitude was FL150.

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So I think a 7,000-9,000 foot volcano is normal.

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Not even! Cotopaxi, which is about 30 miles south of Quito, has alt of 20,000. The mountain that the city of Quito rests on, is about 16,000. The alt of the airport it self is 8,000 ft up.
Anything in Ecuador that’s less then 10,000 ft is considered a hill…

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Very beautiful! Yep, Ecuador is a very beautiful country from above. Guys, check out the Galapagos Islands to the west, as well!