Volcano causes Asia-North America diversions

A volcano on Alaska erupted sending ash ppssibly as high as 45,000ft. The location also is prpblematic as it is situated right along the flight path of most Asia-NA flight paths.

Seems to remind me of the Icelandic volcano eruption (not evem going to attempt the name) that caused massive delays/cancellations on Europe-NA flights.


I still dont know why they would cancel flights instead of just rerouting them

No one can really tell where the ash is going to go. The cloud can travel half way around the world before anyone realises it’s there. The cloud can also reach heights higher than any current commercial plane can go.

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@Balloonchaser I’d imagine that the path of smoke is unpredictable and hazardous for both the plane and people inside.

Hopefully this citation gets the message:
(Volcano in red)

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Perfect. Flying SFO - KIX in 30 or so hours, hopefully it won’t affect me too much.

looks like no planes are flying near that area

yeah I tried to say the name but I was like to hell with that idea jeez

It comes up on FR24
See those big boxes and that little dot that says ‘Bogos’ (click for HD)

It wasn’t a volcano that erupted it was my mixtape


You realise you just insulted yourself right?


Sometimes in life you just don’t question people Aaron


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