Volations/Landings (12 Month) Help

Hello There, So I just got 40,000 points but my Volations/Landing for 12 months have been raised to .85 and not to the requirement of .50. What do I do?

Can you share a screen shot of your stats table where you are seeing this?

Grade 3 is 0.50
Grade 4 is 0.25
Grade 5 is 0.05

This ensures that the higher grades mean something.


To put it short, you need to do more landings (127 with your current amount of violations).

Check Deer’s topic below for more information!

So How many landings do you think I should do to make it lower?

If you don’t recieve any more violations, you will need to do 54 more landings in order to reach Grade 3/access the Expert server.

Ok Thank you for helping me.

Just do touch and goes in a Cessna or the SR22 find a remote airport and you’ll be fine.

But how many touch and goes are we taking about?

54 as starley stated…

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