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Let´s Fly Different



The love of our roots, dedication, punctuality, excellence and quality, is what Volaris Virtual means. Our pillars and conducts represent our solid foundation, which guarantee a solid structure, one that is capable to reach great heights, being the Social Responsibility the Base of our Culture. This distinguishes us completely as a responsible and determined association to apply the values ​​in all operations. We are determined and convinced to provide you with a unique experience within this community. A wide variety of routes, a large fleet, community events, the most advanced flight training, experienced and highly trained personnel, great realism in all our operations and procedures, are just some of the things or advantages that each member of our airline enjoys , bringing the virtual towards reality, having as its main commitment, to grow with the Infinite Flight community and continue flying towards new horizons as the best virtual airline. VOIVA Let´s Fly Different.

Staff team

Senior Leadership

CEO - Fernando Estévez @Fernando_Carbajal
COO - Amrafel Rodriguez @B6TWUFA
CHIEF OF PILOT - Enrique Fernández @Enrique_Fernandez

Middle Leadership

Head of Internal Affairs - Sebastián Sánchez @SebastianSanchezLara uman Resources Manager - AVAILABLE
Events Manager - Alejandro Castaneda @Alejandro_Castaneda
Recruiter - Hans Bied @Hans_Bied

Volaris has come a long way since its planning several months ago. I am proud to say that during this time, we have built a strong and resilient model with a diversified point-to-point network, a first-class training structure and an increasingly strong penetration in the middle of virtual airlines.
I am confident that with the leadership of our experienced and professional team we will be able to achieve all the milestones we have set forth for the Virtual Airline for years to come.

Thank you for all your support and Welcome Aboard

C. Fernando Estévez - VOIVA CEO

On behalf of the Volaris Virtual management, welcome to Volaris Virtual. We are excited to have you with us. As we continue to build our airline, we will be implementing a series of mandatory flying etiquette and our Flight Operations Manual to be used at all times you use the VOIVA callsign.

We fly in the Expert Server on Infinite Flight and expert flying skill are to be demonstrated at all times. The Flight Operations Manual will contain all the procedures of how you will fly our aircraft, separation between traffic, emergency procedures, Air Traffic Control operations among other items.

Beginning immediately, any complaints or grievances will be handled internally through a series of steps that will be presented below:

  • Professional Standards Committee
  • Remedial Training
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Separation of Volaris Virtual

The Flight Operations Manual will be the gold standard for Volaris Virtual, but it can be superseded by the use of common sense.

Welcome aboard!

Amrafel R.- VOIVA COO

Volaris has one of the youngest and most efficient fleets in America, made up of Airbus A320 family aircraft.

A319: The A319 is a narrow-body short- to medium-range twin-engine jet airliner manufactured by European aerospace manufacturer Airbus.
A320: The A320 is a short- to medium-range twinjet narrow-body airliner developed and manufactured by Airbus in Europe. We use it in short and medium flights, is the most used airplane in Volaris.
A321: The A321 is a mid-size, narrow-body twin-engine jet airliner that was designed and built by Airbus. We use it in our medium flights.

Second Officer
First Officer
Senior Captain

We offer our pilots Two main centers in Mexico;
---->The Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City, is the first main center; it is a commercial airport that serves the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico due to It is the busiest airport in Mexico and Latin America.
---->Guadalajara International Airport Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the second main center with the most importants conections with U.S.A.

Volaris Virtual secondary Hub:
---->General Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport located in the City of Tijuana.

Volaris Virtual International Hubs:
---->Juan Santamaría International Airport in San José, Costa Rica.
---->El Salvador International Airport
---->La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City

The Volaris Pilot Cadet Training Programme aims to equip cadets, from day one, with the skills and mindset required to become an “operationally-ready pilot” focusing on the all-important development of key pilot technical and behavioural competencies.
Cadets will benefit from a complete programme built upon Airbus’ high standards and worldwide experience in pilot training.

Classic Tuesday’s: Every week we go to historical and important destinations in and out of Mexico, in 2020 we will finish to visit this beautiful cities and Volaris Virtual will begin a new event series.

Weekend Every weekend we fly to amazing small cities in Mexico, this regional flights give the opportunity to meet Mexico and Central America, we promise you will enjoy and have fun in this series.

Volaris Fly In/Out: Every month we discover new places around México, taking off from different cities and landing all at the same airport or taking off from the same airport to different destinations.

Ready to Join?
Please complete the initial application form, It will be a pleasure having you in Volaris Virtual!

  • Be at least 11 years of age
  • Be at least a Grade 3 on Infinite Flight Live
  • Must have a valid IFC account that is in good standing
  • Have at least 50 hours of flight time on Infinite Flight Live.
  • Have at least 30 landings on Infinite Flight Live
  • Have Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
  • Have access to Slack
  • Be able to log one flight a month
  • Pass with 80% or more the Knowledge Test
  • Demonstrate a level of professionalism and knowledge in all aviation aspects related to the virtual airline.
  • Pilots under the age of 15 must demonstrate adequate maturity and will be closely monitored on the airline’s chats and channels.

Once you complete the initial application form, one member of the Staff will contact you and give you the link of the written test, if you get more than 80% you will be invited to our slack forum, if you fail we will message 7 days after and you may take again the test.
If you need more information please visit our website or contact us.


Congrats on approval! Beautiful thread!


Is a pleasure to work with you in this beautiful airline, I’m happy to see that Mexican VA’s are growing!

Welcome all to Volaris Virtual!

Today is “Día de muertos”, a great day to begin operations


Thank You ! We will see you on the skies


Congrats On approval,Hoping to apply in the next weeks


Welcome ! we will wait your aplication.


I am super happy with the Virtual Volaris certification, it is a pride to know that I am part of this great airline.

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I applied! Can’t wait to see if I get accepted.

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Check your email, and good vibes captain!

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I applied!


Awesome thread!

However, I think it would be better if you changed the pilot age requirement to 13 instead of 11, as 11 and 12 year olds aren’t allowed on the IFC.

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Congratulations on the approval! Nice looking thread, wishing you guys all the best in the future! :)

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Thank you for all your best wishes ! Thank you very much

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Beautiful thread!

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Thank you !🇲🇽🎉

Welcome Aboard!
Join to the Volaris Virtial Family! Enjoy a program of excellence with highly trained staff to make your stay the BEST

It is a great pleasure to serve this virtual airline, I am committed to the members and to all this beautiful community

Hello all,

Thanks for the warm congratulations. Now, we will be extremely delighted to see you all flying with us at Volaris Virtual! Join us today!


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Welcome To The VA world. Congrats! :)

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Thank you very much !

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