Volaris Virtual Fundation-searching for staff(staff manager,sales ect.)

I’m searching for persons that use slack and they need to Apply via gmail with me
What position you want
Which aircraft you prefered
Which languages you speak(i prefer English or Spanish)

Please join at volarissouthwest.slack.com

Good luck

Our fleet could be from a319s and 737s to 777s

You should make a website. It will make it so much easier. Sketch Flight can help you start your VA. They make logos as well.


How? And where

Tell me how


The link will take you to the home page


Thanks a lot

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hi rafael. did you get the logo

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There is already a Southwest VA see here Southwest VA fell free to join us on Southwest we want pilots and some other positions are available (we have slack) but as for the most part there is already a Southwest Virtual Airlines, we are active but only have a few pilots, we wecome in any pilot(s) that join. There is the like to our website The website link sorry for causing you trouble but there already is a Southwest VA. We are on the VA database, Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and have a good day/night

Yes look

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