Volaris Airbus A320neo

Volaris is a Mexican based airline with several flights throughout the U.S and South America. Currently we only have this livery on the A319 however it would be great to see it with the new A320Neo addition along with the Neo mask.

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One of my most favourite liveries!

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I was just about to make this lol, i was in the works

Dunno about VivaAerobus, theoretically you could also do one of the Volaris subsidiaries

We need this the A319 livery doesn’t work anymore!!

Very futuristic livery for the NEO love it.

Voted! Hopefully someone makes a Vivaaerobus A320neo and a Aeromexico 737 max 8 since there isn’t one yet.

If neo wins, I would love to see this livery. Volaris is one of my favourites airlines

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