Volaris A321NEO

Volaris A321NEO


(By Roberto Tirado on JetPhotos.com, click on the image for the source)

Volaris is an airline hubbed in Tijuana, Mexico (TIJ/MMTJ) with flights all across Mexico and Central America. The airline operates six A321NEOs currently, with 28 on order. Volaris operates the A321NEO on mostly domestic flights, on routes with higher demand, as the aircraft seats 230 in the airline’s one-class configuration.

The A321NEO is a medium to long range narrowbody aircraft made by Airbus. It is part of the A320 family, specifically the A320NEO family selection. NEO stands for New Engine Option, as the A321NEO has a different engine than the A321, making for better range and efficiency.

We only wish for this aircraft someday bud we will get it 😔


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