Voices changed

To me it seems the voices have changed since the v19.2. Can somebody confirm this?

Do you mean ATC and pilots voice? If so you can change them in settings.

I tried, and now I only have 2 voices. Before the update I had multiple. I even redownloaded the TTS which makes no difference.

You have only two voices to choose from? Very weired.

Exactly what I mean.

I’m sorry i have no clue what to do…

I have more than 2 voices. Maybe try deleting and then restalling the app again?

No problem. Thanks anyway.

This may be a supid question but what is TTS?


Makes no difference.

Do you have iOS?

I have Android.

Maybe one of the mods can help you… I have no clue…


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The voices are downloaded through your device. If you’re on iOS, in your iOS settings you’ll have to download the voices that you’d like to have. This shouldn’t be related to IF. On Android, its a similar situation. Infinite Flight pulls the voices for ATC and Pilot communication through the voices you have downloaded or are default voices from your device.


On Android, open up your preferences and go to accessibility. Press on “text to speech output”

See what shows as your engine. You may have downloaded something else which changed your device TTS engine.

I had a system update a few weeks ago. Samsung had selected their own TTS-engine which did not have as much voices as the one of Google. Now I selected the version of Google and all the voices had returned. Thanks!

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Great, glad it worked!

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