Voice Warning System for the F/A-18 (AKA B*tchin' Betty)

Voice Warning System (AKA B*tchin Betty)

Oh boy, the mods are going to love me for this one but I decided it’s a good idea.

The Voice Warning System or B*tchin’ Betty is basically the GPWS callouts turned up to eleven. It is installed in several different types of fighter jets, however, the most prevalent fighter jet it is installed in is the F/A-18. And with our rework, I believe it is time we put it in as opposed to our standard GPWS callout package.

Why do we need this?

I believe that the F/A-18 has not been given enough love as opposed to other fighter jets, and I think that this would be a great idea if we truly want to have a realistic F/A-18 experience within Infinite Flight. Plus, it sounds pretty awesome and would be a really cool little thing to add.

What does this sound like, or what would it be like?

The Voice Warning System is much like a GPWS callout package, however, it sounds much more harsh and like a person. Watching the video above should give a good idea as to how it sounds. However, within Infinite Flight, the option to disable the VWS (Voice Warning System) would be inserted either into the settings or into the GUI in general.

I really do hope that we can add this in, as not only would it make the F/A-18 much more interesting to fly, but it would also add another aspect of realism to our beloved fighter jet.

Sorry I kept this short, I had a larger topic in mind but decided to keep it short and sweet.

Edit 1: If @MishaCamp did a voice-over for this, would we have to call him Mouthin’ Misha?

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Excellent suggestion. The F-18 isn’t complete without ole B.Betty giving you an earful!


I’m personally kind of surprised by how few flight simulators actually user her voice.

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Maybe the royalty fees make it impractical? In any case, I’d love to see it implemented here

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We could try to get @MishaCamp to do a voice over 😍


Thank you for getting me to picture Misha saying "PULL UP, PULL UP"


Like this, made a vote free to support this.

It is a bit like attitude callous we have for the trash haulers. Should be possible therefore.


Boom. You got mine. Can’t wait to hear “ALTITUDE. ALTITUDE.” When I’m doing a demo.


I’m down 💀


To make it sound more realistic, Misha you should go WITHOUT tea for a couple days (to be more rhaspy) then while recording plug your nose and you will sound just like an old lady.


Nothing better than hearing pull up on repeat while attempting a Split S at FL20 and hoping gravity is asleep lol.


“Roll right!” “Roll right!”

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Oh damn. This may be actually happening. If not, I’d love to do it.


Bumping oncemore because we need this.

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Fun fact: “B*chin Betty” wasn’t actually named Betty