Voice selection

Hi everyone,

I’m dealing with kind of a weird problem…I can only choose between two different voices for both pilot and ATC (as shown on the attached photo)!. Any idea why? I will appreciate any kind of help!


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The voices belong to the device. On iOS, you have to download them through your device settings. This is the same with Android.

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I’m not sure if that’s really it…I’ve just switched the phone language a few times…but I’m still stuck with just two options in the game

What’s your device?

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Samsung S20+

Do you have the following software downloaded?

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Last fall Google pushed an update for their TTS (text to speech) application used in many Android phones. This update can in some cases cause ATC voices to stop working for Infinite Flight. To resolve this issue, go to Settings → Accessibility → Text to speech output → Install voice data. Make sure you have the proper text to speech engine installed.

Remove all voices that are possible to remove, then download & install them again. Specifically the English options. That should do the trick!

Note :
Depending on Android version, your TTS settings could be placed a bit differently. If you can’t find them using the steps above, try:
Settings → General Management → Language input → Text to speech → Cogwheel next to your preferred TTS engine.


Yeah, so…that was the problem…it was set by default to some samsung’s version of TTS…so i just need to select the google’s TTS as prefered and now it’s working perfectly fine.

Tnx u guys for the help!!!