Voice read ATIS option for Infinite flight.

  • Add voice operated ATIS.
  • Don’t add voice operated ATIS.

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I was wondering if ATIS **(Automatic Terminal Information service)**could be provided and read out by the ATC or a selected option. Yes I know there is ATIS in infinite flight but, If possible I would like the ATIS to be read out by a voice so you don’t need to waste time looking at it because you might be inbound and busy so there is not enough time.

This is not a must and you don’t need to add voice read ATIS, I am just suggesting this.

I will leave some examples of ATIS below:


It was disabled a long time ago due to two reasons I think, controllers had to add them manually and that it was often misused.
However, I’d like to see it come back like your idea.

(Also it’s advisable to vote for you’re own idea.)


Where would the non METAR information come from?

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Yeah idk, I think there were bugs but I would like to see it again.

Oh my, that would have been soo much work for ATC I feel sorry for what they had to do before. I didn’t even know that happened xd.

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