Voice issues

Hi I’m having an issue regarding the voice. On settings, I want to change the voice for pilots and ATC and it says "no voice found on devices

I tried to resolve the problem but it went nowhere. Can anyone please help me.

Hey there!

Sorry that you’re experiencing this issue. You mentioned you tried resolving the problem - what steps did you take to resolve it? Did you head to the Text to Speech settings and selecting the Google speech engine (as suggested in the error)? I’m asking you this so that I don’t repeat steps you may have already tried.

Yes however it’s still does nothing

Understood. In that case, follow the steps in the link below to reinstall the voices on your device. After that, restart your device and open Infinite Flight. Your issue should then be fixed, but do let me know if it persists, even after those steps.

I did the steps unfortunately it didn’t work. I made sure that text to speech engine is selected. Still, there’s no voice. Is there something I’m missing. It never happened like this until I had reset my phone today.

Weird, that usually fixes the issue. There’s one more thing I can think of: check for updates of Speech Services by Google. The updates for it could be uninstalled, since apps return to their stock versions after a factory reset.

Ok nevermind. I found the issue. The speech service wasn’t up to date since I had reset my phone. Now it’s working. Thank you

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